what we do

KH Video Solutions is all about providing you with, as our name suggests, video solutions and videography for your manufacturing or production facility, corporation or small business.

KH Video Solutions consults and helps you discover the best video production solutions for your needs and then provides you with video production, video editing, and post-production video services.

To meet all your creative, corporate and budgetary needs is our goal, and that makes KH Video Solutions the perfect solution for your video production service requirements.

Kh Video Solutions is Canadian Owned and Operated

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Client: The Whiting Group

Product: Cone Caddy

Video Style: Infomercial for new product The Cone Caddy. The video was designed to exemplify the benefits and features and e-commerce advantages of ordering on line.

Project Objective: Using descriptive video - display ease of use, create desire to own and demonstrate safety benefits.

Who we are

KH Video Solutions is a small independant business owner and operated by Kim Horning, a veteran videographer with a 25 year careers in motion media business sector, covering Broadcast and Cable Television, Education, Event/Sales and Automation.

We only use the best equipment and software when working on your video production projects and video editing projects, including, but not limited to: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, and Photron Viewer (for high speed video).

KH Video Solutions always puts your needs and video production requirements first to fulfill your video production creative brief with ease and efficiency.


At KH Video Solutions we recognize that each customer's video production needs are unique and diverse and every video production project has individual specifications and requirements.

No one video shoot is like the other, and KH Video Solutions wouldn't treat your video shoot like someone else's video shoot and give you a flat bulk video production price.

We'd be happy to discuss your video production project with you and assess all your video production needs. Contact KH Video Solutions today!